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Schemes for embroidery with beads on gabardine A2 (38x58) 

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The Brooklyn Bridge - F-144 F-144
 - FV-312 FV-312
 - SI-256 SI-256
Over the past years, schemes for embroidery with beads have been very popular. A key factor in this demand is the wide range of embroideries themselves. The electronic catalog offers you schemes of various subjects and sizes.

We present you schemes for embroidery with beads on gabardine A2 format, which can be the perfect complement to the walls of your home. This size is quite practical and contains a large number of parts that fascinate and cannot be ignored.

One of the most common topics is flowers, because they give a good mood and warm the soul even on cold rainy days. Moreover, they once again prove that true beauty lies in the simplest things. Flowers are an schemes gift and an integral part of nature itself, which pleases the human eye with its diversity and tenderness.

In our online store you can purchase schemes for embroidery with beads on gabardine A2 wholesale or retail, as well as choose exactly the pattern that is ideal for you.
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