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Dear admirers of beauty! Welcome to the pages of our online store SvitArt. Our company has been successfully working on the Ukrainian market for many years. We make our customers happy by offering beautiful and high-quality works of art.

Selling the mouldings wholesale is the main activity of our company. Moulding is a decorative material, a frame that decorates different pieces of art such as pictures, photos, posters, child’s drawings and many other things. You must admit that the frame is an essential part of the picture. Successfully chosen moulding completes the image, highlights what is drawn making the picture more aesthetic and attractive. Nowadays plastic moulding is a modern tendency. Thanks to its advantages it becomes more and more popular. In its beauty, elegance and decorative elements it by no aspects concedes to the wooden one, because by the means of modern technologies one can create any ornament on the plastic moulding. Moreover, such moulding is lighter in weight, it doesn’t overload the picture plus it’s persistent to the variations in temperature and the conditions of heighten humidity. One should keep in mind that plastic moulding is much cheaper than the wooden one.

In our online store you have an opportunity to buy mouldings for the pictures, namely plastic ones, both wholesale and retail. On the shelves of our online store you can also find splendid painting reproductions of famous artists, contemporary paintings, tapestry pictures and fine-art prints of different styles.

Online store SvitArt provides an opportunity quickly to choose and buy the pictures both wholesale and retail. Picture is a wonderful decor element of any lodgment: apartment, house, office, restaurant etc. Our gallery presents a huge choice of pictures, namely:

  • painting reproductions of famous artists;
  • tapestry pictures;
  • fine-art prints
Today, thanks to our online store you have a chance to choose the appropriate kind of the moulding or picture and even make an order without leaving your house and being disturbed by importunate shop advisers. You can order mouldings or buy pictures wholesale whenever it’s convenient for you. Contact us! Our managers are always ready to help and answer all you your questions.


Mouldings for pictures

Багет для картин

Mouldings for mirror

Багет для зеркала

Moulding frames

Багетные рамки

Mouldings wholesale

Багет оптом
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