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Accessory for frames production (Wholesale only)

  • Plastic back for fotoframes
  • Glass for paintings and photo frames
  • Mechanisms for clocks
  • Accessories for housekeepers
  • Accessories for picture frames or photo frames
Furniture wholesale from SvitArt company (Ukraine)


Perhaps, you haven’t ever met this term before, but accessory are exactly those details, which are used to create the whole object. Frames, appendices, picture frames – everything is done thanks to these details. Accessory is categorizing on several types owing to its assignments:

  • Accessory for fillets and picture frames
  • Accessory for frames production
  • Accessory for photo-frames
  • Accessory for pictures’ appendages
  • Holder for frames
  • Accessory for pictures

Accessory occupies an important place in each produced object. However, it is made separately because of need in another technological process. Owners of fillet’s workshops often collide with need to buy fastenings and details, which will help fasten pictures and other things surely. In online store you can buy different accessory, which will help you in your everyday life and in the fillet’s workshop:

  • Fasteners for frames
  • Suspensions, hinges, loops
  • V-shaped crampons, which are used for frames’ sew
  • Flat tacks for photo-frames
  • Components for frames production

Suspensions will help you to make certain that picture is fasted surely and V-shaped crampons will help you in fillet’s works during the fastening of corner roots.
Our online store offers you inexpensive accessory or fastening for frames, pictures, photo-frames wholesale at a reasonable and good price.

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