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Nowadays, pictures on canvas are becoming more and more popular. Frameless canvas will find its lover among those, who prefer absence of borders in life and in art. Module canvases will be a good present for close people and will become a nice addition of modern and creativity in you interior.
Our online store has in sight a lot of canvases on different themes. There are well-known still life, flowers, nature, as well as animals, seascapes and birds. Beside this you can see types of canvases dissimilar with size and shape:

  • Frameless canvas
  • Module canvas x3
  • Module canvas x4
  • Module canvas x5
  • Module canvas x6
  • Mini-modules x3

Frameless Canvas

Frameless canvas is an embodiment of traditional and modern rules of meaning “canvas”. A lot of attention of frameless canvases’ online store goes to landscape because this type of canvas is the best for its incarnation. Online store offers you to buy wholesale frameless canvases to decorate your home with them on the grounds that they add to the house comfort and rest.

Module Canvas x3, x4, x5, x6
Module canvases are collages of several photos:


  • Module canvas x3 – 3 photos
  • Module canvas x4 – 4 photos
  • Module canvas x5 – 5 photos
  • Module canvas x6 – 6 photos

Various themes will help you find unique picture on canvas, which will includes in itself everything you want. Inexpensive module canvases with different designs will become a decoration of your house.

Mini-modules x3

Mini-modules x3 are collages of 3 photos, which are different from module canvases with shape. Module pictures may become a wonderful adding to your décor and may give it bright atmosphere without taking a lot of place.

Canvas with a clock

If you want to diversify your purchase of simple pictures on canvas, you have to buy canvas with a clock. For example, module canvas with a clock will be a nice present for a close person and wall clock on canvas will decorate your interior. Catalog of our online store offers wide and various range assortment of this product. We have different products on various themes in sight:

  • Classic
  • People
  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Architecture
  • Religion
  • Child’s themes

And this is just a start. Beside this we offer you to pay your attention on types of canvases with clocks, which can not be unnoticed:

  • Frameless canvas with clock 45x45
  • Frameless canvas with clock 30x53
  • Frameless canvas with clock
  • Module canvas x3 with clock
  • Module canvas x4 with clock
  • Module canvas x5 with clock
  • Mini-modules x3 with clock

Modules pictures-clock are very popular because they are an embodiment of practicality. Each mistress dreams about clock-picture in her kitchen, or guests’ room and we can make this dream come true.
During the wholesale purchase you will be satisfied with reasonable price and qualitative products. Online store accomplishes wholesale purchases as well as at retail. We will be glad to each customer!

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