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  • What is embroidery?
  • Schemes for embroidery on gabardine
  • Schemes for embroidery on canvas
  • Magnets for embroidery

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is a craft, which for centuries has been becoming more and more popular among masters of it. Exactly this type of art gives many opportunities to express yourself in different ways. There are plenty of materials, where beading will look irresistibly and unique, what is very important. Our online store offers you to buy various goods, which will help you to take over embroidery on a high level.

Schemes for embroidery on gabardine

Schemes for embroidery on gabardine are in requisition among needlewomen of this craft. First of all, it is all because of perfect final result. In a catalog of schemes for embroidery on gabardine you can find one on different themes:

  • Seascapes
  • Photo
  • Landscapes
  • Flowers
  • Still life
  • Classics
  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Architecture
  • Religion
  • Child’s themes
  • Abstraction
  • Modern
  • Ukrainian themes
  • Fend Shui

Also, our online shop offers you a wide range of different sizes of schemes for embroidery on gabardine at an acceptable price and wholesale:

  • Gabardine A2 (40x60)
  • Gabardine А3 (30х40)
  • Gabardine A4 (21х30)
  • Gabardine А5 (15x21)
  • Gabardine 24x55
  • Gabardine 27x27
  • Gabardine 17x39
  • Gabardine 17x17
  • Gabardine 11x26
  • Gabardine 7x9
  • Gabardine modular triptych (36x53)
  • Easter Towels (30x40)
  • Easter Towels (40x60)
  • Easter Bow (148х10)

Schemes for embroidery on canvas

Schemes for embroidery on canvas are not less popular in Ukraine and other CIS countries. Catalog of beading is full of traditional themes:

  • Landscapes
  • Still life
  • Flowers
  • Religion

Also, you can find embroidery schemes on modern themes:

  • Modern
  • Abstraction
  • Fend Shui

Beside this, there is a wide range of sizes of schemes for embroidery on canvas:

  • Canvas А2 (42х62)
  • Canvas А3 (30х40)
  • Canvas А4 (22х28)
  • Canvas А5 (21х15)
  • Canvas 29x60
  • Canvas 32х32
  • Canvas 21x43
  • Canvas 21x21
  • Canvas 15x30
  • Canvas 10х12
  • Canvas modular triptych (38x66)

Online store is full of inexpensive schemes for embroidery on canvas satisfy each customer in spite of his preferences.

Magnets for embroidery

Magnets for embroidery are another type of creativity, which you can see in our catalog. Our online store sells inexpensive qualitative magnets for embroidery. The main subspecies of it is magnet for embroidery on canvas, which includes different themes and sizes. We also actualize the sale in bulk, which will help you to get good articles at a reasonable price.

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