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  • New series of plastic mouldings: SA1417, SA1819

Mouldings is an irreplaceable slat, which is used in building, during the production of frames and different cornices for objects:

  • Mouldings for Pictures
  • Mouldings for Photos
  • Mouldings for Mirrors

In our online store you can buy wholesale mouldings from manufacturer in Ukraine of 2 types:

  • Wooden
  • Plastic

Mouldings and fillets from Ukrainian manufacturer guarantee quality and long product’s service. Wooden fillet (moulding) will be good for those, who prefer courtliness and classic while plastic moulding (fillet) will be popular among the followers of contemporaneity. Fillets for pictures from wood have various shapes and colors. Plastic fillets are a good inexpensive choice. Moreover, if you are in a place with changeable temperature, plastic fillets are exactly for you.

Our online store is specializing on producing and purchasing plastic fillets as well as wooden one. Plastic mouldings for frames, pictures and mirrors are integral attributes of your everyday life. Fillets of our manufacturing make sure our customers in reliability and quality. We offer you to buy wholesale plastic mouldings at a reasonable price. During the purchasing you will be pleasantly surprised with a variety of products in catalog, good service, sociable staff and high-quality production.

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