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Despre companie

The company Svit Art® began its activity in 1995 as an importer and retailer of reproductions of European manufacturers.

Over time, the company evolved into a manufacturer with a huge bank of its own images, which were designed to meet the needs of the market and taking into account client needs and needs. In the development of its own database of images of reproductions and tapestries, considerable intellectual and material resources were invested. At the same time, the company's production facilities are equipped with the latest equipment for production and cross-stitching of frame baguettes and production of other types of products.

By other types of products we mean products made of wood and gypsum compounds, such as housekeepers, caskets and aerographic volumetric paintings made using patented technology using technologies of world manufacturers engaged in casting precision products from polymer and semi-polymeric materials.

In parallel with this, decorated prints for reproductions are developed, that is, prints with partial or complete application of varnishes (UV, glitter), prints with partial application of foil by the method of both hot stamping with a crucible and by cold selective application of foil to print and printed images on canvases that formed a category group of frameless reproductions. Continuous development has given a special impetus to the development of the company and already in 2008-2009 the company understands that only own baguette production will give our consumer variations in the choice of a quality product by 100% produced in Ukraine.

The company Svit Art® invested in the construction of the polystyrene processing plant and the production of polystyrene baguette. And as a result, in 2012 the factory became the only one in the post-Soviet space in terms of output. Since 2012, Svit Art® Company produces 100% products manufactured in Ukraine. Svit Art® was entrenched in the market of Ukraine and neighboring countries as a reliable and powerful partner for business and filled the niche of decorative products of various reproduction plans and tapestries in decorative baguettes, frames for photo and embroidery, framed mirrors and voluminous decorative souvenirs.

As a result of a powerful database of images in the property and production base in 2013, Svit Art® company begins the production of decorative canvas for embroidery with beads, sets for embroidery with beads and wholesale beads. In less than a year, we have taken a strong position in this field of business thanks to a quality and interesting product.

Now the company is working to improve the quality of the product, monitors the market trends to flexibly respond to customer demand and is ready to serve both large companies of partners, medium and small entrepreneurs and the end user through this portal.

The main types of products with which our company operates:

  • Plastic baguette
  • Photo frames
  • Furniture
  • Schemes for embroidery with beads on gabardine and canvas
  • Products with patterns for embroidery with beads
  • Beads calibrated
  • Canvases, Canvases with clocks, modular canvases
  • Gobelins
  • Reproductions of paintings

Participation in thematic exhibitions has formed a steady recognition of the Svi Art® brand on the market as an analogue of the product range and high-quality product.

Svit Art® is a reliable and flexible business partner and responsible manufacturer, keeping pace with the times to maximize customer satisfaction.

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